About Us

Our mission for Camp to Belong Alabama is to reunite siblings separated in the foster care system.

We hold an annual camp each summer where siblings are brought together to establish and build strong bonds that last a lifetime. During camp we have six signature events the siblings participate in: Opening Camp Fire, Sibling Gift, Birthday Party, Empowerment, Scrapbook and Closing Camp Fire. Opening Camp Fire unites everyone attending camp and sets the tone for the week as a positive and safe environment for our campers to begin lifelong relationships. Sibling gift is a craft project where in year one the sibling sets will decorate a pillow for each other including a message. As each camp year comes, the gifts change for the returning campers. For example, year one a camper would decorate a pillow, year two a quilt, etc. Sibling gift creates a tangible memory of camp and the sibling bond created for all of our campers. Birthday party allows the camp to set up a birthday shop where all of our campers can come in and choose a gift for their siblings. The gifts are wrapped and presented at a huge birthday party for the whole camp including cake and ice cream to celebrate all of the campers’ birthdays. Empowerment offers our campers the opportunity to think and dream beyond camp. This activity is designed to have campers think of their life in a positive and constructive environment alongside their siblings. Scrapbook also gives our campers a tangible reminder of their experience. Each camper creates and decorates his/her own scrapbook that includes pictures taken during the week of camp from our photographers. Closing Camp Fire concludes camp reminding all of our campers of the amazing week they have had. Each of our campers is given the opportunity to speak out to their siblings and express their positive feelings from the week.

During the year to keep our sibling sets connected we offer sibling connection events. These events can range from a meal to an activity that allows the siblings to spend time together until the next camp.

Moving forward with our mission we will provide a safe haven for all of our campers as well as a support system for these children as they age out of the foster care system.