Camp to Belong Alabama

Dear Camp To Belong Alabama Friends and Family,

We hope you and your family are doing well as we all learn how to live, work, and gather safely amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. At Camp To Belong Alabama (CTB-AL), we have been looking forward to and planning for the summer camp season for several months. The safety and health of our camp community is our highest priority, and so, after careful deliberation, we are announcing plans for a shifted Camp To Belong Alabama 2021 schedule. We will be hosting individual sibling connection events. Check out "Events" for more information about our day events.

Though we pivot away from a traditional camp week, Camp To Belong Alabama stands firm in our commitment to connection. We know how much our campers look forward to spending time together - playing and celebrating together, sharing meals and games, saying goodnight and good morning. We know that nothing can replace this physical time together; it is the very principle that CTB-AL is built on. We know that our community needs us, and we will rise to the challenge.

From our campers to our volunteer counselors to our board members, CTB-AL will continue to develop creative new ways for all of us to stay connected and engaged. It is our goal to provide unique opportunities for brothers and sisters to create memories together regardless of the circumstances.

Thank you to those of you who completed volunteer applications, camper registrations, and had committed to joining us. For those of you who are new to Camp To Belong Alabama, know that you are already a part of the "family" and we look forward to being together soon.

Thank you to our donors and supporters for being as committed to Camp To Belong Alabama’s vision as we are.

As we move forward, we will continue to share information about events and plan details as they unfold. We appreciate you being a part of this journey with us. Together, we are resourceful, resilient, and ready for fun!

The reality for children living in foster care is not one often considered on a day to day level. The kids are shuffled between homes and separated from the people they know, including their brothers and sisters. Many do not have much to begin with, and may be living in a world surrounded by addiction, abuse and severe neglect. They are not always taught how to ride a bike or swim or thrown birthday parties with all their friends and family, rites of passage in childhood that many of us take for granted.

Camp To Belong Alabama (CTB-AL) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to reuniting brothers and sisters who have become separated in foster care through a week of camp in the summer and other events throughout the year.

At Camp To Belong Alabama we believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to spend meaningful time with their brothers and sisters and we are dedicated to helping make that happen for kids living in foster care. While many of us take for granted the opportunity to share meals, play games and say goodnight to our siblings each day, the kids we serve at Camp To Belong Alabama cherish these small moments that they do not always have. These moments are what Camp To Belong Alabama works to create, so kids living in foster care are able to have positive childhood memories.

At Camp To Belong Alabama we also believe that every kid deserves a special place where they finally feel like they fit in and are not judged for being in foster care. We provide kids living in foster care a chance to escape the chaos of their ever changing worlds and come to a place where they are no different from everyone else, they belong and they can just be kids.